"Bish Better Have My Money!" Money Drawing Trap Candles

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Manifestation candles are used as physical tools to represent what you are desiring to bring forth and obtain.

Infused with natural essential oil’s, botanicals, pyrite, citrine, and Tigers eye in order to attract more prosperity, wealth, good fortune and abundance into your life. It’s good for bringing more money and abundance into your home or business and to hold on to money you already have while continuing to draw more.

Tigers eye is known of as the stone of good fortune it attracts a steady flow of abundance it and helps you overcome fears of selling and presenting ideas in important meetings.
Pyrite stimulates success making ideas and is used to manifest success in everything from love to health.

Citrine is a dynamic, joyful, optimistic stone that attracts good fortune in whatever you do.

Clear quartz magnifies all of these manifestation abilities.