About Us

The Majik Trap is a metaphysical trap house that is changing the narrative of Trap culture. The popular subgenre of hip hop gets its name from ATL lingo which refers to a place in which drugs are sold illegally, violence is prevalent, and other similar experiences growing up in underprivileged neighborhoods. 4 in 10 millennials now say they are religiously unaffiliated according to the pew research center. In fact, Millennials and GenerationXers are now almost as likely to say they have no religion as they are to identify as christian. The majority of people that I know have made that turn away from Abrahamic religions because of research about our past and curiosity. The emerging culture of Spiritual Enlightenment and Trap music obviously doesn't have a box to fit in, but music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life. We believe that any music that helps reconnect us to our essence(which is our inner and divine nature) is spiritual. As a descendant of the African diaspora, I feel that it's natural to feel like something is missing or to feel like there isn't enough inclusivity and representation when it comes to African traditional culture and Spirituality. We believe the first step to living a fruitful and successful life is through healing and accessing what our ancestors created for us.
We are here to redefine the narrative of Trap culture in a more positive way by providing a safe space that in lieu of destroying the community, will uplift the community, heal generational curses and trauma, Align and provide a unique variety of metaphysical products and services to aid us in our spiritual journey to manifest the life that we deserve. 
We provide spiritual tools that will help us remember where we come from, and help us realize that divinity is inherent to Us. It has not been lost, just stolen, cut, rebranded and sold back to us at double the price, sound familiar? It is time for us to reclaim what was ripped from our ancestors hands.

We are starting out as an Ecommerce website but we want to eventually expand to a brick and mortar shop and educational center in Nashville TN. This Majik Trap does not only sell metaphysical products and our signature Trap Manifestation Candles but also products and services from other local black businesses working towards a common goal. We have everything from crystals, to natural herbal blends and essential oils, incense, crystal jewelry,  and all natural body care. We can even curate a subscription box for any purpose. Come shop with your spiritual plug.