“Calling my spirit” ancestral altar and spirit guide candle

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This candle was made for Ancestral altars. This candle is a powerful addition to your altar for ancestral veneration or paying homage to your ancestors. The candles are already dressed and Infused with natural essential oils, botanicals, amethyst, petrified wood, and onyx. Smells like light notes of white sage and lavender.

Many cultures honor the dearly departed and believe that though their physical bodies have left this world, their souls continue to exist in the spirit realm. As our ancestors, they deserve our continued veneration and respect and we honor them, our lineages and our roots through our worship and prayers to them.

Many ask for their assistance in earthly matters, petitioning them in matters protection, healing, spiritual guidance and many other day to day life events. And this is where an ancestor altar comes in handy.

Petrified wood- known as the stone of peace, heals family history, past lives and used for stability during transitions.

Onyx is a grounding stone that enhances intuitive and instinctive power. It also reduces stress, alleviates fears and stimulates the power of wise decision making.